Eyeon Car video recording black box

Eyeon - Car Video Recording Black Box

Full-time Video Recording Storage Power On: Start recording automatically
Power Off: Store the recent 1 hour recording
Event/Accident Video Recording Storage While driving, store the recent 1 minute before/after the event (accident) like sudden Start, Stop, Impact, etc., by the inside installed motion sensor into the inside memory.
Manual Video Recording Storage Driver can store the recent 1 minute before/after the event (accident) into the inside memory by pushing the event (E) button.
The last scene Recording Storage (Patented)
Store the last scene into the inside memory by the installed auxiliary power unit even though vehicle’s power disconnected by a big accident.
Video Out Support Can connect into a car display (A/V support display, navigation, notebook) and display thru it.
Video Display in PC Can display the stored video in PC thru USB connection cable
Warning error (Patented) Warning error function: Stop recording when a video recording error happens (Alarming 5 times and a Red LED off)



Power DC 12V, 24V
Working Temperature -20 ~ 70 degree
Camera Type Color CMOS Camera
Video Frames 30Frames/sec
Resolution 640X480 Pixels
Video Display PC or AV support Monitor
Max. Pixels 300K Pixels
Display Method MPEG4(h264)
Lens (Left/Right) 120 degree, (Up/Down) 90 degree
Size, Weight
65(W)x45(H)x15(D), 100g
Video Recording Time

Recent event (1 Hour) Impact Event (1 minute) before/after: total 2 minutes automatic recording.
Inside 1 Giga
Sensor Inside 3 Dimensional Impact Sensor

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