Key Specifications/Special Features: EFM-02

Special features:

  • High reliability from PLL (Phase Locked Loop) system
    The transmission frequency is stable because it has PLL system
    FM transmitter circuit.
  • Automatically cutoff Radio Antenna Input
    When Power of Modulator is turned on, radio antenna will be
    disconnected from car Radio automatically to avoid sending any
    unnecessary signal inputs.
    When Power of Modulator is turned off, radio antenna will be
    connected to car radio by passing the modulator.
  • Provided 8 Carrier Frequencies
    8Carrier frequencies are provided for selection. FM1(88.5 MHz) up to
    FM8(89.9 MHz).
  • Light weight and compact
    The size and weight of the modulator is so small and light. It can be mounted
    behind the radio inside the dashboard without any problem. 

Key Specifications:


Antenna Input

Ant. Socket: To be connected to standard radio antenna plug


Antenna Output

Ant Plug: To be plugged into external antenna jack of car radio


Audio Input  

Pin Jacks: To be connected to stereo output of Tuner Box or other Audio devices.


Carrier Frequency

Selectable  FM1 /FM2 /FM3 /FM4 /FM5 /FM6 /FM7 /FM8
88.5 /88.7 /88.9 /89.1 /89.3 /89.5 /89.7 /89.9กพ0.1MHz


Power Source   

DC 12V controlled



Cabinet Size: 106(W) X 44(D) X 30(T) mm






60mA max