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Car Alarm Remote Control - Vehicle Security Device Engine Starter

PG-3000 (LPH-400)

Two-ways Car Alarm System With LCD monitor Remote Controlled Engine Starter & Pager

The PG-3000 (LPH-400) is a self contain Harvard architecture RISC CPU micro processor controlled, state-of-the-art vehicle security system at its best. The PG-3000 (LPH-400) control module has 5 built in relays and siren for ease of installation of its peripheral components.

Box Components


*Remote arming, disarming and panic
*Up to 3000FT remote control range (FM modulation)
*User EEPROM storage different code
*Multi-function 4 button remote transmitter & pager
*Audible and visual arming/disarming
*Remote controlled door lock/unlock
*Automatic rearming and last door arming
*Chirp or no chirp confirmation by remote
*Engine idling time(while remote engine started) adjustable by remote
*Valet emergency override by valet switch
*30 seconds siren duration with auto-reset
*Aux. Output for Window roll-up
*Ignition controlled door lock/unlock
*Dome light supervision output
*2nd Ignition negative output for bypass module
*Remote Control trunk release output
*Electronic 2-stage shock sensor
*Multi-function LED status indicator
*Instant negative/positive door trigger programmable
* Remote engine start
*Remote engine starting reservation for manual transmission
*Turbo timer
*Automatic heater /AC operation
*Multi-function paging operation of transmitter
*Two-way transmitter(transmitting & pager)
*Indicator of "within" or "out of" RF range
*Variable graphic icon's LCD panel
*Car status indicator by LCD display & beeper
*Driver call sensor
*Programmable personal alarm clock
*2 warning stickers & easy operation manual

*High power 6-tone siren
*Built-in hazard lights relay
*Keyless entry in valet mode
*Starter disable output
*Built in remote engine starter



1. Communication :FM 2-WAY
2. Operating frequency : FM447.675MHz
3. Modulation type : FSK
4. Modulation deviation : STD 3KHz
5. Dimension of remote control (L * W * H) : 55 * 34 * 19mm
6. Weight (W/Bat.) of R/C : 40g
7. Battery size (lpc) of R/C : AAA 1.5V
8. Battery life of R/C : 3 MONTH
9. Channel spacing of R/C : 12.5KHz
10. Antenna impedance of R/C : 50?
11. Antenna impedance of transceiver : 50?
12. Antenna length of R/C : 16mm
13. Antenna length of transceiver : 80mm
14. CPU design : MICROCHIP
15. Frequency stability : ±5ppm(-10 ~ +50 )
16. Frequency deviation : ±2.0KHz
17. Output RF power : 5mW MAX
18. RF Sensitivity : -120dBm
19. RF Operating range(OPEN FIELD) : 1KM(up to 300ft)
20. Operating temperature : -20 ~ +70



Two 3 Channel Remote Controls
- Code Learning System

On Board 5 Delays for
- Code Learning System

- Starter Disable

- Flashing Parking Lights

- Dome Light Supervision

- Door Lock / Unlock Relayed Outputs

Two Auxillary channels with variable outputs
for Truck open and other use
Dual Shock sensot with Warn away feature.

Plug in Superbright status LED.

Plug in Valet Switch for Emergency Override
and Service Mode
6 tone 125 db Siren Output.

Defective Zone Bypass with Warning chirps.




Remote Service Mode.
Temporary Chirp mute. - Permanent Chirp Delete.

Auto Safety Rearm

Remote Shock/ Door Trigger Bypass


Active / Passive Arming.
Door Lock Output Time (Regular / Mercedez)

Ignition Auto Door Locks / Unlock.

Passive Door Locking Capability.