Coin Operated Alcohol Tester for Vending Machine (AL-3500)

Coin Operated Alcohol Tester Vending Machine AL-3500 / Alcohol Detector Vending Machines AL3500 Coin Operated Breath Alcohol Tester / Alcohol Detector Vending Machines AL3500

Public breath alcohol tester with 3 digit LED display of BAC, micro-computer control, automatic test sequence with visual and audio cues, activation by coin or free play button, global power supply for AC 90 - 230 V operation . Developed for preventing accidents due to drink-and-drive and for helping decide to drive or not by self-test.

CE Mark, ISO Certified
Coin Operated Breathalyzer
No Calibration Required
Sensor Accuracy: +/- 0.01 at 0.10% BAC
Continuous Multi-Testing


Model: AL-3500


  • Size 25 x 15 x 46 cm
  • Weight 7.2 Kg
  • Sensor Semiconductor
  • Specificity Selective for alcohol
  • Operation in ambient temperature -20 C to +50 C
  • Purge cycle (Initial test) Immediate, always ready in standby-wait mode
  • Breath sample 3 second continuous breath sample
  • Analysis time Immediate
  • Recycle (recovery) time 5 to 60 seconds
  • BAC BAC, mg% , Promile
  • Operational range of measurement 0 to 0.40 %BAC
  • Accuracy 10% (0.01 at 0.05% BAC)
  • Power requirement Mains AC 90 - 250 volt, 50/60 Hz input
  • Display Three (3) digit bright LED Back light message
  • Warn level Caution
  • Do not drive Back light message
  • Fail level You are Over the Legal limit
  • Calibration BAC simulator
  • Mouthpieces cylindrical straw
  • Coin mechanism (Acceptor) Specify denomination of single coin
  • Remark Optional free play button , wall mounted