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SafeMate Pro 2006 Alcohol Breathalyzer (Alcohol Tester / Detector)

Dual Display (g/L & BAC%) Digital Alcohol Teste

SAFEMATE Pro 2006 NEW AND IMPROVED Personal Alcohol Breathalyzer

SAFEMATE Pro 2006 NEW AND IMPROVED Personal Alcohol Breathalyzer

Advanced and super accurate MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) gas sensor and patented Re-Calibration by user technology. Even more accurate with the new design .

13 stage LCD with background lighting, display percentage Blood Alcohol Level (ie 0.08 %BAC or g/ltr)

Low voltage micro circuit design, batteries (2xAAA included) can be used more than 800 times. Small enough to fit in your pocket

Perfect gift for yourself, friends and family, someone you really care about.

This product is FDA and CE approved!

Attractive Features

The key technology for the function and performance of Personal Alcohol Detector is the gas sensor. It is used for Advanced MEMS Gas Sensor, which could make our products accuracy with high quality.


Safe-Mate is made with low voltage circuit design. Therefore, lifetime of batteries is longer than any other products, and it can use more than 800 times.


Warming up time is short, so the test result can be shown within about 7 seconds after pressing the power button.


With one touch controlling and LCD screen, it is easy to read the result of consumed alcohol even at night.


Safe-Mate displays on the LCD screen for both of % BAC and g/L


Sfae-mate has a very attractive design to end-users.


The display level is composed of total 20 steps from .00 to .12 for % BAC and .1 to 1.2g/L


Safe-Mate is easy to carry at any place.


There is a beep sound before and after checking the content of blood alcohol.

How to Use It

Exhale a consistent amount of air each time and at the same angle.

Exhale a consistent amount of air each time and at the same angle.


Press the power button under LCD one time, and the numeral is displayed from the first digit of '7', the 2nd '6' ~ to the last '0'.


When the numeral '0' on LCD comes out, beep will sound. Then blow into the inhaler for 3~4 seconds. At this time Place your thumb on your chin so that there is a thumb's width between your mouth and the intake.


The numeral "0" blinks about for 3 seconds and then the test result will be displayed with beep sound on LCD and electric power is automatically off.


In order to obtain more accurate result, you had better use the product repeatedly 2~3 times.


Allow at least 30 minutes after consuming alcohol before using the blood alcohol detector. This ensures the breath sample is taken from your lungs, not from the alcohol in your mouth, which may result in a higher reading.


1.Energy Source: 2 AA batteries.

2.Battery Life: Can use more than 800 times.

3.Sensor Type: MEMS.

4.Display: 13 stages LCD.

5.Dimensions : 89.5 x 30 x 16.5mm (3 .5 x 1.25 x .5", 1.60z)

6.Weight: About 43g (Include Batteries).

7.Material: ABS Resin (Acrylic Fiber)

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