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Kiss Me Meter - Personal Bad Breath Detector

(Bad/Foul Breath Tester / Detector)


Safe Kiss - Bad Breath Checker (Foul Breath Tester / Detector)

Safe Kiss - Breath checker is personal bad breath detector in LED display method to eliminate embarrasing situations!
As this product uses MEMS gas sensor and is equipped with re-calibration function, accuracy is very high.
Its cute and quality looking design gives pride and convenience to carry.

Attractive Features

1. Be more confident!
2. Eliminate Embarrassing Situations!
3. Preliminary Self-Diagnosis for Health Issues!

Auto Calibration by Power on
Low Power Consumption (1 Li Battery-LR2032 > 150 times)
Perfect for accessories & gift
LED for 5 Levels of BAC%
Size: 4.3 x 2.5 x 0.85cm
WT: 10.5g (Include Battery)

How to Use It

It detects the specific gases from your teeth or stomach, and shows 5 levels of mouth smell in different colors of LED display.

Here’s an interesting one – it’s a bad breath detector! If you get lucky at the disco you can quickly check yourself out with the meter and buy one of those peppermint sprays if necessesary. Better still, you can hold this gadget in front of your hot date’s mouth and check to see if s/he needs to buy some mints too.

We’ve already featured a similar MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical System) personal detector that measures alcohol on a person’s breath. This detector is specific to the chemicals that cause bad breath. These are usually sulphur-based compounds produced by food particles trapped in the mouth, and the bacteria that thrive on them. There are other causes though, such as diabetes, gum disease, or even liver failure for example.

It’s difficult to diagnose one’s own bad breath though, because you get used to it. A tip I found via a Wikipedia entry on bad breath was to lick the back of your hand and wait a few minutes, and smell the result. Also they suggest a frank discussion with a partner or family member, but that’s just too embarrassing, which I guess is part of the reason this gadget came on the market.

The “Kiss Me Meter” is very discrete and is only a couple of cm’s in diameter. It shows 5 different levels of breath odour, displaying green through to red.

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