Beauty Care Ultrasonic Facial Skin Massager (TBM-2000)
Beauty care TBM-2000 ultrasonic skin massager
same function and performance as the expensive
machines popular at the most of modern beauty
- Operation Power : DC 12V / 1A
- Weight : About 150 g
- Power consumption : 7w
- Dimension : 63(W) x 77(D) x 157(H) mm
- Frequency ; 1MHz +- 10%

Melanin is formed after your sin is exposed to ultraviolet rays included in
sunshine. This decreases the efficiency of refreshment of your skin and creats
unwanted discoloring spot such as mold, speck etc. Our Beauty care will give
vitality on your skin and essential treatment for normal bio-machanism of skin.
It will help to exhaust unwanted factors form the body.

Improve moisture contents and elasticity getting your age, moisture contents
and elasticity of your skin is decreasing.
It becomes the cause of wrinkle and deformation of your skin. Our beauty care
will help to vitalize skin cells and to absorb cosmetic treatment into skin.
This will recover moisture contents and elasticity of your skin.

Resolve fat and impurity in your skin!
Fat and impurity substance forms lumps and hard particles under your skin.
This is the cause of your fat body.
Our beauty care will vitalize the refreshment cycle of your skin by ultrasonic
massage and treat to resolve those lumps and particles.


1. Vibrating and heating effect


2. You can use this model easily to any area of your body such as face, neck, arm, leg, belly, aist, shoulder and hip etc, by compact and all-in-
onedesign at the reasonable price level.

3. This model provides you superior effect different from other manual and mechanical vibration massager. It utilizes harmless ultrasonic power and the effect reaches deep into your skin with micro vibration massage.
It helps blood and lymph circulation to eliminate impurities from your body and to refresh your skin cells to keep healthy body.


4. Whitening and cleaning effect This device uses 1,000,000 cycless of micro vibratuib per second and heating effect. This effect will reach deep into your skin and helps to get cleaning effect and good blood circulation to eliminate impurities from your body. It helps to remove discoloring aterials such as melanin formed by ultra-violet ray and to eliminate freckles, pimple and wrinkles etc. to keep natural color of your skin.

5. Diet effect
Ultrasonic power reaches deep into your skin and accelerates to resolve fat under your skin and gives diet effect 6. Moisturizing effect
This model uses modern technology of ultrasonic power. This high frequency micro vibrationmand heating effect reaches deep are of skin structure and it expedites combustion of fat and increase moisture contents in skin. It helps to keep ealthy skin and to increase elasticity of skin.
Looks very young !