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Rotating Golden Acupuncture Ball
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The Golden Acupuncture Ball promotes blood circulation and metabolism in your body, preventing hemorrhage bleeding and internal disorders. 

  • The world's first rotating acupuncture ball that fits right in your hands!
  • A health device that combines 3000 of traditional Oriental medicine and modern day science! 
  • Easy to use, anytime, anyplace! You can take it wherever you go.
  • Comes with a free booklet and instructions.
  • It's perfect to use during/after working hours, study periods, and even while you're driving to relieve drowsiness.
  • It's also effective in relieving stress from a hard day's work.

Fine Medi Gold Acupuncture Ball is an effective health device that stimulates the peripheral blood vessels and the peripheral nervous system. It's designed to have the same effect as acupuncture and acupressure by stimulating the blood vessels in your hands and feet, which are considered as reduced forms of our bodies based on the principles of acupuncture by traditional Oriental Medicine.

The Gold Acupuncture Ball is designed for you to roll the two connected revolving balls on the palm of your hand. About 400 projection on the surface of the ball will stimulate the regions for acupuncture efficiently, while the ball itself is made of germanium biotite emits far infrared rays improving the effectiveness of the stimulation. The pure gold plated on the surface lengthens its life.
  • About 400 thorn shaped projections on the surface for better stimulation!
  • Made of Germanium biotite that emits infrared rays.
  • It's 24K gold plated.
  • It's easy, it's safe!
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It's good news to those who are working in the office all day long! GoldBall
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