QPINPLUS is high-frequency hair remover loved by women worldwide. Now you can enjoy the hair removal in your home without going to the expensive skin care center. With 27.125 high frequency vibration about 30 thousand times in a second, it removes the unwanted hair permanently with slightest pain by destroying selectively the hair papilla and separates the nutrition suppliers from cellular tissue without damaging the surrounding skin. QPINPLUS uses high frequency, not using thermo-electric or electro shock method. It also contract skin pore after removal. You can feel soft on your skin.


QPINPLUS uses the high-frequency method, not using thermo-electric or electro shock method. The high frequency can be delivered safely into the root of hair through the pillar of the hair without any influence on the nerve system. With the tweezer of QPINPLUS, you can easily remove the unwanted hair permanently in the areas hard to shave such as eye-brow, armpit, arms, legs, bikini line and near the lips.
Avoid using it into the sensitive parts such as around nipple, genital and anal region.

How to use
Shave the area up to nearly clean with 2~3 mm of hair left for effective laser treatment. This will facilitate adequate hair removal.
And pick the hair near by the skin for effective hair removal. (Be careful not to pick the skin.)
Before using it, clean the area with a warm wet towel like having a massage in order to widen the skin pore.
(You may require 3~5 times of treatment for optimal long-term benefits. The result can be different depend on the area you wish to remove, the hair density and your hair's growth cycle. For permanent hair removal, the hair in a state of active growth phase of its cycle called anagen has to be eliminated.)

Remove the unwanted hair with QPINPLUS.
* The most compact and slim design
* No side effect, no pain
* With golden plated tweezer, it takes only 5~ 15 seconds.
* Maximum portable and easy to use

SIZE: 138 X 31 X 29 MM

QPINPLUS : 9V Battery only

Model #:WYL-1100A