Portable Ultrasonic Hair Remover

How to use each parts


1. Portable Ultrasonic Hair Remover
Compect design and potable use by battery
operation. You can use at any place and any time!

2. Remover hair from the root permanently
Transfer Ultrasonic frequency(harmless to human body)
to the root of hair and make easy separation of
hair root from the skin source with much less pain.

3. Good effect for skin care
No skin infecton like pulling out hair by force or
no effect of becoming thicker hair by frequent shavings.
By the effect of ultrasonic, shrink the hole on the
skin after pulling off hair.

4. Portable and easy to carry
You can use at home with normal AC power and
also can use by battery (1.5V x 2)when you travel.

5. High quality & Color option Provide high quality and long endurance with gold
plated tip and various color option with white,pink
and light blue.


138.5 x 45 x 21 mm

CE,FDA Certification