USB Data Cable

Charge your cellularphone using the mounted charging circuit in confirmity with the TTA standards! Automatic current interception function when fully charged. Charging type of static voltage and static current!









USB to Serial (NC08, NC09) Cable is used when connecting the USN port of a PC or notebook with the port of your cellular phone and it does not make any power losses since the cable is run using the USB power source of a PC. And a communication speed is increased a bit more than a general type of serial cable since the product communicates data by converting those into USB signals so as to make possible to process data in a PC directly contrasted with the fact that a Transiver IC is adopted in a serial cable for transmitting data. Therefore it has merits in price and size compared with other products and the charging function will be added upon your request as well.

NC-08 is designed for an exclusive model for communicating data from USB to Serial and NC-09 is equipped with the data communication function of NC-08 and the charging function for a cellular phone all together.




USB to SERIAL Communication Specifications

Classification Specifications
Flow control Hardware, X-ON/X-OFF
Communication control USB TO SERIAL
I/F to cellular phone SERIAL
I/F to computer USB
Additional functions
PC LINK Contactable
Band speed 300bps ~ 921.6kbps
Data configuration Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Parity: Odd, Even, No Parity
Supporting driver environment Windows 98/ME/CE/2000/XP
Linux 2.40 or greater
Supporting driver Supported by us