@Erez Wireless Bluetooth Headset & Dongle (Audio Gateway)

- Compatible with any audio device like mobile phones, telephones, MP3, PC -

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Bluetooth Headset


Ergonomically designed for comfort, stability and compact and lightweight headset
Classification : Hands free
Model : @Erez
Product Name : DHB-100
Color : Silver/Blue

No wires. No limits. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free communication with total freedom of movement.

  • @Erez DBH-100 Bluetooth headset, most comfortable when it's worn, easy to use, is high-tech wireless hands-free product.
  • Automatically link to other Bluetooth technology enabled products up to 10 meters(33 ft) away without ever touching the devices.
  • Store in a pocket, in a briefcase, across the room or even in the trunk of a car and enjoy effortless, quality communication.
  • All calls are transmitted wirelessly to your earpiece.
  • DBH-100 gives you easy, intuitive access to volume controls and features LED and audible status indicators.
  • Much work has gone into making the DBH-100 as practical and easy to use as possible.
  • The ear loop is flexible enough to fit most ears and sturdy enough to hold the headset firmly in place.
  • The user can put it on with one hand and move around freely just pressing a button on the control unit to answer or reject calls.
  • The DBH-100 is the ideal accessory for people who lead an active life
    The electric waves are threatening our health now days.
  • @Erez DSH-100 Bluetooth headset will be the key to the people who use cell-phone excessively while driving, sporting, travel, etc.

The smallest size, ultra lightweight
DHB-100 is ultra lightweight; extremely portable, comfortable to wear for a long phone call. DHS-100 is easy to quickly and conveniently put the headset on your ear, and to take it off again and easy to use the control buttons on the headset.

Free Your Hands - Free Your Life
Invest in increased efficiency, greater freedom of movement, and a major upgrade in mobile style with the DOnetworks. This compact headset is equipped with a wireless connection, giving you hands-free control over your mobile phone without the need for obtrusive cables or wires. Designed for both looks and comfort, the DHB-100 fits inconspicuously in either ear, allowing you convenient and discreet access to all basic call controls-whether your phone is stashed away in your briefcase or lying on a table nearby.

The high quality of your conversation
The DHB-100 headset, the latest technology of DOnetworks, was developed to acquire the highest quality of the telephonic communication. DHB-100 improves your ability to hear conversations clearly even in noisy environments.

Automatic stand-by mode
After 30 seconds of the conversation, DHB-100 Bluetooth headset turns to stand-by mode automatically to prevent the diminution of battery.

Volume controlling by one-touch
The volume control button is right underneath the headset hence the user may start conversation, control the volume, and even make a call by voice dialing system (when the cell-phone supports) without touching the cell-phone itself. A separate volume control lets you raise and lower the call volume as you move from place to place-from bedroom to boardroom, cafe to conference, or presentation to party.

Compatibility against Non Bluetooth cell-phone
The Dongle of DOnetworks enables to use the Bluetooth headset for the non Bluetooth cell-phone user. The Dongle is ultra lightweight, micro-sized, stylish designed

Designed for both ears
It may be worn for both ears for any circumstances and practice.

Safe High-Capacity Li-ion Polymer Battery used
Latest High-technology brought Li-ion Polymer battery helped to reduce size, no harmful to humans and acquired longer using time.

- Frequency band : 2.4 to 2.4835GHz ISM Band
- Feature Size / Weight : Headset 14.2 x 39 x 63.7 (mm) / 20g
- Full Digital System
- Voice transmission : A-Law, u-Law, 13 or 16bit PCM (8ks/s)
- Transmitter Power : 0dBm
- Battery Voltage : 3.7v Li-ion Polymer (210mAh)
- Material : Plastic
- Permitted Temperature : -10 to +50
- Continuous Talk Time : 7-9 hours
- Standby Time : 150-180 Hours
- Operationg Range : up to 10M

- Input Power : 120VAC 60Hz
- Output : 5V DC 200mA
- Consumption of Electric Power : 5W
- Permitted Temperature : -10 to +50


Bluetooth Headset Dongle (Audio Gateway)


Automatically link to other mobile phones with Dongle(Audio Gateway)

Classification : Headset Dongle (Audio Gateway)
Model : @Erez-Dongle
Product Name : DDD-400
Color : Silver

No wires. No limits. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free communication with total freedom of movement.

  • Insert the 2.5mm "Ear Plug" into the earphone jack of your cellular phone.
  • Compatibility against Non Bluetooth Cellular Phone.
  • Safe High Capacity Li-Ion Polymer Battery used.
  • The High quality of your conversation
  • Easy to use

Headset Dongle (Audio Gateway)
- Frequency band band : 2.4 to 2.4835GHz ISM Band
- Feature Size / Weight : Headset 12 x 25 x 45 (mm) / 15g
- Full Digital System
- Voice Transmission : A-Law, u-Law, 13 or 16bit PCM (8ks/s)
- Transitter Power : 0dBm
- Battery Voltage : 3.7v Li-ion Polymer (240mAh)
- Permitted Temperature : -10 to +50
- Continuous Talk Time : up to 5 hours
- Standby Time : 50 Hours
- Operating Range : up to 10M