Vibration Mouse with Sound Effects

Product Description:

The dynamic innovation in the concept of mouse!

- World first high technology which
Convert audio signal into simultaneous sound and vibration output.

- The adoption of high resolution optical senor will make easier computer work which requires precision!

* Superior design concept!
Superior grip feel due to the design concept of human technology makes comfortable computer operation without feeling tired.

* Get optical precision!
The adoption of high resolution 800dpi optical sensor will make your computer work efficiently.
Suitable for computer drawing and design which require precision.

*Additional sound& vibration effect!
Using sound output from sound card, you can feel the delicate changes in vibration from the mouse.
During the compute game you can feel the sound and vibration simultaneously, this will increase
The interest and fun of the computer game. With clickv mouse, you will experience the interesting
And real world of computer games.

2. Charateristics
- In addition to the existing optical mouse function clickv has world first sound and vibration effect

- Feel the differences in dynamic vibration which depend on the volume and pitch of the sound input

- Including the control function for level of sound volume and vibration.

- Playing realistic& dynamic computer game which can be achieved by vibration of mouse combining audio and visual effect.

- 800dpi high resolution optical mouse

- Includes USB connector and dual audio connector

- Plug & Play installation

Model No: JWM-8100
Optical Sensor Resolution: 800 DPI
Function: Vibration + Sound
Quality/Safety Certifications: FCC CE MIC
Interface : USB, PS/2 Combo
Button : 2 Buttons , 1 Scroll Wheel
OS : Windows 98/SE,NT,ME,2000,2000,2003,XP