Car MP3 Player

MP-SHUTTLE II ( MP-C3000, HDD Version )
MP-Shuttle II takes your MP3 files one step further by allowing your entire music collection to have mobility and flexibility. The MP Shuttle hosts the removable hard drive from your computer and plays your desired music with precision and accuracy. The MP-Shuttle II is designed to go in your car, in your home audio environment and even acts as a virtual radio station. It allows you to transport and play over 5000 tracks of music from your Personal Computer to your HiFi System and to your Car Stereo with ease!.
  • It is possible to play over 3000 MP3 file songs from a single Hard Disk Drive.
    Supported HDD Partition: FAT 16, FAT 32
    Up to 20 Logical Drives
  • It is easy to get MP3 file songs from a PC and to convert songs from Audio CD to MP3 file.
  • It is easy to choose a song on the illuminated deluxe LCD panel.
  • The unit can be used at home with an AC 110V / 220 V power supply standard adaptor.
  • It is easy to install in a car by only connecting cables.
  • It is easy to connect MP Shuttle with the installed car audio system by using the Casette Pack or Line - in connector.
  • Besides CD Player's basic functions, special random play functions are added up.
  • Anti-shock buffer within 6min. by using 8 MB DRAM.
  • It is possible to transfer the signal wirelessly to Radio FM channel. (Option)
  • Main Body - Installed Hard Disk RACK, Power in, Volumn Level and Line out.
  • Remote Controller - 128 x 64 Dot Matrix deluxe LCD panel installed.
  • Cigarette Lighter Connector - To supply 12V power.
    Power Cable - To connect directly from dash board.
  • Casette Pack (Option) - You have to prepare the connector between MP Shuttle and your car audio without using Line-in.
  • CPU : GMS32C2132 60MHz( 60 MIPS )
  • Memory : 8 MB DRAM
  • EPROM : 4 MB
  • LCD : 128x64 Dot Matrix with Backlight
  • HDD Rack : E-IDE (40 PIN Connector)
  • MP3 Decoder : Micronas MAS3507D
  • DAC : Philips TDA1311A
  • Option: Wireless signal transfer to FM Radio - FM
    frequency 89.0 MHz or 89.6 MHz
  • POWER : DC 12Volt for a car
  • AC 110/220V for home user (Seperated Device)
  • MAIN BODY : 267 x 222 x 46 ( Unit : mm )
How to Install
  • Connect the cable of Remote Controller with the back side of Main Body.
  • Install Main Body below the seat, inside the trunk or wherever you want.
  • Connect Cigarette Lighter with DC in of Main Body.
  • Connect Cassette Pack / Audio Line-in with Line-out of Main body
  • Stick Remote Controller wherever you want.
  • Power on Car Audio & Remote Controller together to find Logo and title sounds.
  • Adjust the Volume of Main Body & of Car Audio

How to Use
  • After the Logo and title sounds, set up the HDD.
  • The user can operate by pressing Play/Stop, Eject/Pause to start, stop, resume or eject the tray.
  • Up/Down button allows the user to choose a file
  • F.Up/ F. Down button make the user to choose folder
  • FUNC Button allows the user to repeat one song
Remote Controller
Main Unit
Instal Hard Disk
Extract Hard Disk
Installed in car
Additional Tip
A huge amount of music is available on the Internet and can be downloaded onto your computer at home. These compressed music files are called MP3 files.
You can download thousands of Royalty-Free songs from sites on the Internet like
You can also back up your valuable audio CD collection by recording them onto your hard drive and then compressing the music into MP3 format files (much like a .ZIP file).
As *.ZIP files need programs in order to read the information, so does an *.MP3 file. WinAmp is such a program that is freely available on the Internet to play *.MP3 files and this program can be downloaded from