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New concept : MP3 Player



New designed MP3 Player
* Working alone and workable with any regular cassette player and car audio player
* Option : Gorgeous Player case 
It can work inside any cassette player using the analogue player's head.
It looks like a cassette tape but it is not that but mp3 player with a flash memory.
Using your regular cassete player you can enjoy both of them, analogue tape player and MP3 player.


  Required system

-Windows 95/98 OS
-Pentium 133MHz
-Hard disk space over 20MB
-CD-ROM drive
-Sound Card, Parallel Port

Main Function

-MP3 Player
-Backup any PC files (Portable hard dik) 
-Equallizer (normal, classic, jazz, rock and pop)
-Repeat from A to B, repeat a song, repeal all
-Song introduction (10 seconds), Random access play
-Lock Button 

  • Size : 63*102*11.5
  • Weight : 70g(UP-301 + UP-302)
  • Storing : Internal Flash Memory
  • Playing Time : 6 hours
  • Speed : 246Kbps
  • Batter : 1.2V NI-MH Rechargable
ROME Accessories

-ROME mp3 player
-1.2V NI-MH Rechargable Batter
-Battery Charger
-High Quality Ear Phone
-Software CD
-PC parallel port connection cable
-User's Manual