Wireless Presentation X-Pointer (XP140)

X-Pointer is a wireless presentation laser pointer as wireless mouse, laser pointer, portable storage device, its multi functions X-Pointer is a wireless presentation pointer as wireless mouse, laster pointer, portable storage device, its multi functions

X-Pointer XP140 functions as a remote controlled laser pointer with an optional portable storage device. When using Microsoft Powerpoint, it allows for seamless presentations.

X-Pointer functions as a remote control and laser pointer. When using Microsoft PowerPoint, it allows for a seamless presentation.

X-Pointer is easy to carry and convenient because the a transmitter and the receiver are attachable.

X-Pointer doesn't need to be installed separately. It is installed by simply putting the receiver into the USB port.

X-Pointer use RF wireless signals in sending data and it minimizes directional and installation problems of infrared devices.

X-Pointer can control multimedia programs such as WimAmp, MediaPlayer as well as Microsoft's PowerPoint and Internet Explorer..

1. Features of X-Pointer XP140

The X-POINTER consists of the following features:

I. PC Remote Control:
The PC Remote Control allows you to advance your presentation forward or backward efficiently giving you total control over the presentation.

II. RF Transmission
The RF Transmission feature of the X-POINTER minimizes problems that may arise with existing infrared devices in regards to direction and installation location, by utilizing RF to the data transmission. The X-POINTER area of operation is 50 ft., and utilizes device I.D. code, so the use of multiple X-POINTER's will not interfere with each other.

III. USB Human Interface Device
The X-POINTER is compatible with various systems such as IBM PC, and Macintosh, by using a standard USB port. It can work with other peripheral devices such as a keyboard and a mouse at the same time.

IV. Laser Pointer
The X-POINTER is equipped with an accurate high quality laser module.

V. Design
A refined design of X-Pointer II is suitable wherever you use it.

2. Quick Install Guide

1. Insert the Receiver into the USB Port of the PC after laser beam works
2. The X-POINTER is installed automatically and will work directly after it is inserted into the USB Port.
3. To secure the exclusive ID code of the receiver, push any button the transmitter for two seconds when the receiver LED blinks on and off, until LED blinks on.
4. Open MS PowerPoint and test the page up, page down, for proper operation.
5. If do not works well, please re-insert the Receiver and try again.

3. Specification


Range of Operation

50 ft.

Input Key

3 buttons (1 for a laser beam, 2 for transmitting data)


12V Type 23A


Class II


56.3mm x 22mm x 8.1mm



Windows 98, 98 Se, Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Macintosh


IBM PC / AT & Laptop PC, Apple


USB Spec 1.1, HID Spec 1.1


5V USB Power

Optional Memory

Flash Memory Built-in 256MB/512MB


85mm x 25mm x 13mm