Subject : Wireless Image Capture

When the camera detects or becomes aware of an intrusion it begins to load
the image of intruder in the IC, an operation inside the camera 
where stores all the images. The convenience of this product is the fact that
it needs no lighting at night time due to infra red, and it also gives
the exact time and date for the customer''s guaranteed evidence. 
The intruder won''t be able to come upon the camera due to its small size 
and one has the leisure of enjoying the comfort of its easy installation. 
This product can also be connected to the TV or any monitor which can be 
used as a CCTV camera as an everyday use. Also, as soon as 
an armed robber is detected, one can begin loading the picture by 
pressing the emergency button from its remote controller. 
The stored images can be seen through the television 
if it''s properly connected to the video line. 
Image Sensor
1/4" CMOS B&W
320 * 240 Pixels

Dection Range (Camera angle)

8m (Horizontal 24, Vertical 17)
Image Storage
680 images (CCIR: 510 images)
AC Adaptor (DC 9V)
Time Stamp
Recording Interval (Adjustable)
1-59 Sec
Consecutive image capture
Max. 8 images (1/Sec)
Flash Memory (512Mb)
80 x 76 x 54mm
Verification of
Recorded Images
TV or Monitor