Fingerprint Recognition Door Lock

1. Characteristics
2. Features
3. Application Area
4. Specification

  1. Characteristics
  • Simplicity - all in one
    Fingerprint identification system and door lock are combined into one unit.
  • Convenience - No key, no password
    Relief from worries of losing key and inconvenience of memorizing password
  • Outstanding Security
    No one can get access to the door except the enrolled ones.
    No chance of losing key or someone knowing the password
  • Easy operation
    Easy to enroll or delete users.
  • Easy installation
    Easy installation enables everyone to install it by himself or herself.
  • Accurate identification
    The technology applied to FingerLock is remarkably working on a light scratch or shallow
    wound. It is not affected with sun light or strong light.


  2. Features
  • Delete fingerprint data individually
    Each user can be deleted easily.
  • Circuit Protection Function
    Circuit protection function eliminates possible malfunction derived from the
    moisture occurred by difference of temperature between outside and inside.
  • Exhibit User number
    User number is shown on the LED window for the easy management of the users.
  • Password Function
    For an emergency the lock can be open using password mode.
  • Alarm function for battery change
    Alarm goes off to warn the low battery for replacement.
  • Safety-pin Function
    A safety-pin can be set from inside to de-activate the fingerprint sensor system.
  3. Application Area
1) Luxurious building including houses
2) High security requiring places like Laboratory, Data Center, Computer Room, etc
3) Others

  4. Specification
Fingerprint Reader Part

Fingerprint sensor :

semiconductor sensor

No. of template(user) :

25 templates

Authentication method :

1: N (one to many)

False Acceptance Rate(FAR) :


False Rejection Rate(FRR) :


Battery Lifespan :

5,000 authentications (8 months, 20 uses per day)

Size :

82W x 124L x 18D mm

Material :

Zinc alloy, Aluminum alloy, PC

Color :

Silver, Gold(option)
Operable Environment

Power :

Four(4) Alkaline batteries, AA-size

Temperature R :

-10 to 50 degrees Celsius

Humidity :

10 to 80 %