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Microfiber Towels: Terry Towel Suede Towels

Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Body Towel
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Microfiber Sports Towel
What Is Micro Fiber?
Actual microscopic view of the Ultra-Microfiber. One strand of the Ultra-Microfiber is serveral hundred times small than a fine strand of cotton fiber.

How does it clean?
The hypo-allergenic, non-abrasive wedge shaped microfiber scoop, lift and trap dirt, dust, grime and moisture without scratching. The fibers are lint free and non-abrasive.

How do conventional fibers clean?
Traditional cloths do not pick up dirt particles because fo the rounded surface of the fibers. They simply push the dirt around.

Our premium quality microfiber cloth outperforms all other cheap imitations and cost only a little more.
The man made fiber products are Korean made towels that are an 80/20 blend!
The 80/20 blend indicates there is 80% polyester/20% polyamide
These are the best materials for Microfiber
The higher the Polyester Number the lower the quality
The 100% cotton Microfiber towels and applicator are hand made in the USA

Once you use one around the home or on your favorite vehicle you will never go back to ordinary towels again.
Lift, scoop, and trap dirt before it can damage your surface!
Speed up all types of cleaning, dusting, washing and drying.
Absorbs up to seven times their weight in dirt and water.
Works on any surface. Quit moving dirt around. Lift it up and get the job done!
Will absorb water better than a leather chamois and cause no damage to the suface becasue it absorbs dirt as well as water.
Can be washed 500 times. Has a long life. Do not use fabric softeners of any kind!

Microfiber Golf Towel

Microfiber Terry Towel

Microfiber Suede Towel

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