"Ant's tunnel House"

It is the product for education which helps the children to have the curiosity, and imagination.

Anthouse is based on technology used by NASA in the space shuttle experiment!


1. Characteristics

People can observe the life of ants in 3D container which is made by transparent and harmless gel.
Transparent gel is the source of nutrients which offers the soil, prey, water and nutrients.
It is easy for children to observe the life of ants as the container is made of special jelly which does not require other prey or water.
It is the product for education which helps the children to have the curiosity, and imagination.
It is the new concept insect as pet and the living interior.

2. Usage

It is the product for helping children to grow their imagination and investigative curiosity and is made by our own technologies.
People can experience the surprising world of ants in 3D through the transparent gel.
As the transparent gel provides the prey, water and nutrients, the container is easy to control.


3. Components & Application
Anthouse container, magnifier, wood stick and manual
- Education materials for children.
- Special present for friends.
- Special interior decoration for family members.


4. How to use

Pick up several ants which live in a same nest at the mountain, park, garden,
or sidewalk (because the ants kill other if they are not from the same nest).

Put them into a PET bottle and shake them to faint. Then, put them into Anthouse. (6 or 8 ants)

Drill a hole 1~1.5cm deep into the gel with a wood stick before putting ants into Anthouse.

It takes one day or five days for ants to start making tunnel. If the ants do not make tunnel
for a long period of time, replace the ants with new ones.



5 Caution
Do not eat gel even though it is harmless to human body.
Do not allow any contaminants such as soil or food to enter the gels as it is
in an aseptic condition.
Do not touch gel with hand because that would gather mold.
Do not handle ants with hands. That could kill ants in several days. Use the tools.
Take out any dead ant or foreign matter by using chopstick or applicator swab.
Put the anthouse at the well ventilating place with the temperature of 15~25
without direct sunlight.

6. Size & Packing

(Large) : 180*35*135mm, 8ea/1Box
(Medium) : 85*35*135mm, 16ea/1Box
(Small) : 88*65*23mm, 100ea/1Box