Magic Non Slip Patch & Non Slip Pad


Magic Non Slip Pad Non Slip Patch Magic Non Slip Pad Non Slip Patch Magic Non Slip Pad Non Slip Patch

Product & Item Name


New product using special adhesive material to attach the spider to the side of a computer, refrigerator, desk, automobile, ship, airplane, then to easily keep handphone, cigarettes, sunglasses, keys, etc. The adhesive spider in use can be taken off and then attached to another place for practical reuse.(There is no mark left on the attached site even if taken off.)

  • Product
    Special adhesive spider (One side adhesive memo holder, Double-sided adhesive memo holder)
    (PC / Vehicle / Mobile Phone / Refrigerator / Popular Character /Snack Promotion)

    Characteristics and its Usage
    * It is a multi-purpose holder. After attaching the double-sided adhesive memo holder to a computer monitor, refrigerator, car dashboard, glass surface, etc., you can place a mobile phone, sunglass, ball pen, memo, transit card, business card, etc. on the designed side.

    * You can easily detach the memo holder and reattach it on other places
    (It does not leave any unsightly mark)

    * If foreign substances, such as dust, weaken the adhesiveness of memo holder, you can reuse it after simply cleaning off the dust with water and towel.
  1. Size : 55mm95mm (Any OEM size Available)
  2. Customer's OEM Logo: Available