Pedometer with Spy Camera Detector


Candid Camera/Hidden Spy Camera Detector and Digital Ten Thousand Pace Checker
  Size & Wight   48 x 36, App.19g
  Battery   CR2032, 1ea
  Possible detectable
  App. 2~6m
  Possible detectable

Walking is the best exercise, it says, isn’t it?

Walking has known to be the best exercise for the purpose of diet.

With this product, you measure the walking distance and the calorie you consumed, so that you may control the exercise when to stop.

Easy to carry it as it’s size has minimized.
The heart disease is one of the top five causes of death among Korean.

Walking and jogging (or running) help to prevent this heart disease and to reduce the fat of abdomen area, so it has known.


It is said that the consumed calorie would be 3 Kg, and the distance is about 6~7 km if you walk 10,000 paces a day.

Walking Ten thousand pace a day is better than taking the wild Ginseng, you should keep your health when you are in good health.

You should begin the walking exercise now, and be healthy.

  Module unit
  ..5-digit LCD display from 0 to 99999.
  Measuring distance
  ..You can check the total distance calculated the stride and the number of paces together as
..pressing the mode button.
  Measuring the consumed calories
  ..You can confirm the consumed calories as to press the mode button after exercise.
  Strong Belt Clip
  Accurate measurement
  ..Number of paces-Distance (miles)/km-consumed calories-Number of pace
  ..Color : silver
  ..Size : 4.8cm(width) 3.6cm(length) 1cm(thickness)
  ..Weight : 19 g
  ..Power : mercury lithium battery (possible to change after drained juice)
  ..Origin : Korea
  ..You may purchase it after consultation if you need more details of the product.
Use clip to secure it on the belt.
You should set “00000” on display as pressing the button on the right hand side.
You may press the mode button to check the mode either before or during you are using.
As you press the mode button, you can check the consumed calorie and the distance
When you use this unit as a candid camera, turn on the ON/OFF s/w on the side and
..approach to the suspected spot.
When it detects the objects (wiretapping & candid camera), the lamp on the unit changes to
..flashing red light from blue, become brighter, make a buzzing noise.

Places you may detect with any hidden spy camera!

  Lady’s locker room, Public bathhouse, Public restroom, etc.
  Hotel & Motel rooms etc.
  Company office, conference room in public office & Study laboratory etc.
  Politician’s Office & Inside of the car etc.
  Bathroom & bed rooms of private home etc.
  Guest rooms in lodging facilities.

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