Portable Water Purifier

for Fishing, Climbing, Picnic, Kitchen

WB01062_.gif (249 bytes) Product Description :
It is very portable with high performance purifying power about 280 GAL

(1060 Liter), innocuous material (Polycarbonet) used. Passed the test of NSF(National

Sanitation Foundation), authorized by FDA, WQA(Water Quality Association) member

product. Useful when you on a picnic, in travel, taking a leisure, whenever at indoor, outdoor.

WB01062_.gif (249 bytes) Four steps of filtering:
1st(Polyester pad) -> 2nd(Silverized Activated Carbon) -> 3rd(Calcium, Ion

Exchange Resin) -> 4th(Polyester Pad)

Key words : Household, Health care product, Promotion

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Duresem's special filtration system takes away a chlorine and an organic compound, and also restricts the bacteria growth by adsorption and carrying silver.
Besides a cation resin is idealfor adsorption of heavy metal and producing of light carbon so that it makes clean fresh heathy water always for you!
WB01062_.gif (249 bytes) Merits
  • Silverized activated carbon and chelate resin reduce the rust, dregs, organic compound and chlorine.
  • Cation resin reduce the heavy metal such as Pb, Hg, Cd, As, Cr and also flows the light metal ion such as Na, K, Cu. So these things improve taste and quality of tap water naturally.
  • Economical alternative to bottled water.
  • Simple to operate - easy to maintain.
  • Compact size, fashionable design.
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WB01062_.gif (249 bytes) Testing chlorine
  • You can test purification power of Duresem with a chlorine reagent.
  • Remained chlorine changes water into yellow.
  • Without chlorine do not changes at all.
WB01062_.gif (249 bytes) Water Purification System

WB01062_.gif (249 bytes) Filter Replacement

  • Polyester Micro Pad.
  • 19 x 20 Silverized activated carbon
  • Calcium Resin
  • Ion Exchange Resin
  • Polyester Micro Pad
WB01062_.gif (249 bytes) Packing
  • 178 x 176 x 217mm
  • 12sets / CTN