Portable Water Purifier - Mini

for Fishing, Climbing, Picnic, Kitchen, Emergency

Portable mini water filteration system, instantly purifies water giving you clean, great tasting water wherever you are. All you need is a source of water and you will have an unlimited supply of great- tasting water.

WB01062_.gif (249 bytes) Removes of

  1. Unpleasant taste and odurs, impurities, turbidity, rusts
  2. Chlorine and toxic chemicals (THMs)
  3. Harmful microscopic pathogens
  4. Heavy metals

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Its special filtration system takes away a chlorine and an organic compound, and also restricts the bacteria growth by adsorption and carrying silver.
Besides a cation resin is idealfor adsorption of heavy metal and producing of light carbon so that it makes clean fresh heathy water always for you!

WB01062_.gif (249 bytes) How to Use:

  1. First, flush the bottle and filter cap.
  2. Fill the bottle from tap, or other source of water.
  3. Fill to allow for filter displacement. Repalce the filter-cap and tighten cap securely.
  4. Pull open the cap's nozzle and squeeze or pump the water out.
  5. Repeat the flushing process to flush residue carbon from new filter parts.
  6. Now the system is ready for use.
  7. Just refill and squeeze or pump water into your mouth or a glass.

WB01062_.gif (249 bytes) Maintenance & Storage

  • Regularly clean your filter or bottle by brushing it lightly with a toothbrush.
  • When the filter system will not be used for a duration of time, you are recommaned to clean system. Allow to dry thoroughly before storing.