Portable Toothbrush Sterilizer!


Item #: TS101



TS101 is called as toothbrush sterilizer,toothbrush sanitizer,ts101,Portable toothbrush sterilizer

This product is operated by DC3V electricity.
It sterilizes bacteria such as staphylococci, colon bacilli, and salmonella
using Ultra-Violet ray and Ozone.
Its strong sterilizing power prevents tooth-decay, paradentitis, and hepatitis.
It also thoroughly sterilizes the fine bacteria which are not seen
through the eyes and this is what gives the product superiority







1. Lamp : Activates Ultra-Violet ray and Ozone to sterilizer diverse viruses and bacteria in the toothbrush
2. Air vents : It discharges the humid to outside when the wet toothbrush is stored.
3. Holder : It holds the toothbrush firmly in order to avoid noises from moving
4. When the top is closed, the lamp will be on for 7 minutes to sterilize with Ultra-Violet ray and Ozone.



Size : 218(L)×50(W)×28(H)mm
Materials : ABS / PC
Weight : About 100g (Excluding Batteries)
Power consumption : DC 3V (2EA x 1.5V AA)
Lamp Life : About 9,000 Hours
Battery Life Time : About 60 days (2 times daily use)



Best present for businessman, students, young generations
Very convenient for you to travel, business-trip
Perfect sterilization and storage of toothbrush
Prevention against any contamination from Air
For your oral-health
Very easy to use and for general batteries
Two colors of design and half-mirror attached (Marine blue, Rose red)
Silver(Ag)-holding Bio-Ceramics + ABS materials making anti-bacteria and deodorization

CCFL UV Lamp's approximate sterilization: 6~7 minutes sterilization/one time
Semi-permanent lamp life: 5 years(about 9,000 hours)
Certified by Korean Living products Test Institute(99.99% sterilization efficiency within 7 minutes.



1. The sterilization function will be lessened when the sterilization lamp is contaminated.
Clean the lamp once in a couple of weeks with cotton swab or gauze for better sterilization efficiency.
2. Putting the case in the water will cause a serious trouble.
Do not put the case in the water.
3. It can be used for 2 months by using 2 times a day. (2 AA Alkaline dry batteries)
4. Looking at the lamp with the switch on for a lengthy time is hazardous. Be precautions.
5. As thie apparatus is a sensitive electronic product, do not overhaul.